ENetSuD to upgrade App, build first database of Kwara Communities’ Needs

• App to be added to Apple Store in addition to Play Store

ENetSuD has concluded plans to upgrade its App to include the first database of Kwara Communities’ Needs.

This development came after the successful completion of the assessment of needs of Kwara Communities under the Citizens Enlightenment and Mobilisation Program (CEMP) that was funded by the Gobir Organization Foundation (GOF).

ENetSuD intends to enable users of the App to have easy access to information on the needs of every Kwara community through a simple search of the name of the community, the kind of need, or any other suitable filter.

In addition to the Google Play Store, ENetSuD has also decided to host the App on Apple store for iPhone users throughout the world.

ENetSuD envisaged a sustainability plan into the needs assessment by ensuring that updates about the community needs and future interventions by stakeholders would be updated through the App, bearing in mind that needs are evolving and not static.

The Tech partner of ENetSuD, Digprom Inc., has assured that the project will be completed within 4 weeks.

The fund for the upgrade of the App was sourced from the CEMP grant received by ENetSuD from the GOF.

Saeed Tijjani,
Chairman of the ENetSuD App Committee,
Elites Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD),
2nd April, 2023

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