Aims & Objectives

Our general aim is to promote good governance, transparency and accountability, and ensure that public fund works for the citizens.

Our core objectives are to:

  • promote awareness and sensitization on good governance;
  • monitor Federal, State and Local Governments’ budgets and ensure proper and judicious projects execution in the public interest;
  • campaign against corruption and collaborate with anti-graft agencies towards eradicating corruption, embezzlement and financial misappropriation;
  • liaise with the government and stakeholders on communities’ needs and ensure service delivery for the citizens
  • participate in policy formation and carryout legislative advocacies towards the actualization of the common good of all citizens irrespective of locations and tribal affiliations;
  • promote government’s good policies and campaign against any perceived bad policies;
  • advocate for open governance, transparency and accountability;protect citizens’ right and uphold the principles of representative democracy that can serve the interest of all