ENetSuD is building a large network of Kwara citizens that will hold government accountable and track public fund spending. We have been exploring an offline method to reach sensitize, enlighten and mobilize a very large audience of citizens through our weekly radio programs in Sobi FM 101.9 and Royal FM 95.1, which are among the top 3 radio stations in Kwara state with the largest audience ( Our radio program, titled Ìmójútó Owó Ará Ìlú (meaning Follow public fund), is delivered in the Yoruba language with translation in Nupe language, which are the 2 most spoke languages in Kwara state.

In addition to these, we provide technical and moral support to community-based organizations towards making them have the capacity to demand good governance, transparency, and accountability. Some of our approaches include capacity building, town hall meeting, facilitation of financial and technical details, liaison with stakeholders, just to mention a few.

We have a structured network in all the 16 local government areas of Kwara state. To join our network, fill our membership form via the link (membership).