Breakdown of how KWSG inflated IGS Contract Sum with 29 million naira

Click on IGS’ BoQ recalculation through our website to download ENetSuD’s report on the re-calculation of the Bill of Quantity (BoQ) of Ilorin Grammar School (IGS) contract sum.

The IGS contract is among school renovation projects awarded by the Kwara State Government after accessing UBEC Grant.

Important Instructions:

    • You can only view the report of the project’s BoQ evaluation through ENetSuD Andriod App.
    • To have a very nice view, auto-rotate your phone to landscape view.
    • If you wish to download the PDF and have a copy for yourself, kindly visit on your browser and click on REPORTS, then select 2020 Budget Tracking Reports where the download is allowed.
    • On our website, the full PDF is available via the link IGS’ BoQ recalculation (download directly on the website, not through the App).


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