Elites Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD), a Kwara-based Civil Society Organization known for its #FollowKwaraMoney activities, has clarified that it neither recommends nor influences the selection of citizens as beneficiaries of any government-funded empowerment project. ENetSuD further stated that its popular citizens’ enlightenment and mobilization program (CEMP) on radio stations has significantly impacted on Kwarans to the extent that some of the listeners have benefitted from some empowerment programs by the Federal government.

In the statement made available by the organization, ENetSuD stated that “We initiated CEMP tagged Ìmójútó Owó Ará Ìlú on Sobi FM 101.9 and Royal FM 95.1 where several discussions about how citizens can engage elected and appointed government officials to meet their personal (empowerment) or community needs, among other topics, are always made. We provide our contact phone numbers and office address to enable citizens that may need further clarification to contact us after the programs. We direct citizens with needs for empowerment to the appropriate offices (e.g. constituency office of lawmakers, relevant MDAs, etc). In some cases, we guide citizens on how to write letters of request to the appropriate offices as part of our sustainable capacity building plan”.

“While it is worthy of note that we don’t specifically recommend candidates for selection by any office, it is understood that such office might associate us with those beneficiaries selected from our referral. We also appreciate offices that attend to the requests of citizens who quote our radio programs as the source of their information, which we consider as a fulfilment of the intention behind the enlightenment programs. Finally, we encourage citizens to always approach various government offices (MDAs and constituency offices of lawmakers) to make requests that will enrich the budgetary processes to reflect citizens’ needs”.

Usman Radhiyyat Taiye (Mrs),
Deputy Coordinator (Administration),
Elites Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD)

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