Project facilitator: Hon. Aliu Bahago Ahman-Patigi (former National Assembly member that represented Edu/Moro/Patigi Federal Constituency)
Executing Agency: Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority
Contractor: M/W Global Services Limited (3 Aguleri Street off Gimbiya area II, Garki-Abuja)
Contract sum: ₦79,235,416
Amount released in 2018: ₦35,000,000
Amount paid to contractor so far: ₦35,000,000
Outstanding balance: ₦44,235,416
Amount budgeted in 2019 to complement 2018 release: ₦79,000,000 (actual release not yet known)
Amount budgeted in 2019 for asphalt overlay of the road: ₦20,000,000 (actual release not yet known)
ENetSuD assessment was based on the Bill of Engineering Measurement and Evaluation (BEME) gotten from Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority (the executing agency) that awarded the contract.
BILL NO 1 (GENERAL) – ₦2,000,000
The Bill number 1 provides for: community sensitization/awareness, project supervision and monitoring; project design, material testing on site as well as any other assistance as may be required; mobilization and demobilization of machine and personnel to and fro site; provision and erection of project sign post; and progress report photographs.
This Bill 1 is provisional and was not assessed by ENetSuD.
BILL NO 2 (EARTHWORKS OF 1.9 KM) – ₦15,222,512
The Bill number 2 provides for: clearing site on either side of center line of road of all bush, shrub, grass and trees and rubbish; excavation, hauling, spreading, compaction, and replacement and river training.
ENetSuD assessment of the site confirmed that this Bill 2 has been accomplished 100%
BILL NO 3 (CONCRETE WORK) ( ₦2,022,575)
In this Bill, construction of five (5) R.C. Box Culvert 1m x 0.6m x 0.15m thickness was provided for, with a sum of ₦404,515 for each culvert.
The total volume of concrete for the five (5) culverts provided for in the Bill is 20 cubic meter.
No provision was made for U-Drain (Drainage)
ENetSuD assessment of the site confirmed that only three (3) culverts of the following sizes were constructed:
Culvert 1 has length of 7.8m, width of 1.0 m, and thickness of 0.2 m. The total volume of the concrete used for its walls, deck, base, head walls, wing walls, and toe is 6.580 cubic meter.
Culvert 2 has length of 9.2m, width of 1m, and thickness of 0.15m. The total volume of concrete used for all parts of this culvert is 6.812 cubic meter.
Culvert 3 has length of 9.4m, width of 1m, and thickness of 0.15m. The total volume of concrete used for all part of this culvert is 6.919 cubic meter.
Thus, total volume of concrete used for all the 3 culverts is 6.580 + 6.812 + 6.919 = 20.311 cubic meter.
Due to the fact that the 20.311 cubic meter for the 3 culverts executed on site is equivalent to the 20 cubic meter for 5 culverts provided in the project BEME, ENetSuD concludes that the box culverts in Bill 3 has been 100% accomplished.
BILL NO 4 (ROAD WORKS OF 1.9 KM) – ₦54,376,670
This Bill captures provision, shaping and compaction of naturally occurring laterite material; laying of prime coat and blinding with sand or quarry; and laying of first layer bituminous surface dressing using S.125 bitumen.
ENetSuD assessment of the project site confirms that all road works have been completed including the first layer bituminous surface dressing and thus the percentage accomplishment of this Bill no 4 is 100%.
However, some portion of the surface-dressed areas had failed and required maintenance/repairs. ENetSuD confirms that the contractor returned to site on Thursday 14th November, 2019 to do the maintenance of the failed portions.
ENetSuD urges that asphalting of this road be advertised and awarded as provided for in the 2019 budget based on the available/released amount.

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