Elites Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD), a Kwara-based Civil Society Organization known for its #FollowKwaraMoney project, has taken its community sensitization program to Patigi LGA in Kwara North Senatorial District. Mr. Abdulkadir Yusuf Nafanwona, the ENetSuD Director of Investigation and Public Petition for Kwara North, described the sensitization program as a necessity to enable citizens key into the noble #FollowKwaraMoney activities of ENetSuD and ensure that Kwara money works for Kwarans. He also stated that the program will put an end to diversion of public fund, improper execution of government-funded projects and lack of transparency and accountability, all of which have characterized budget implementation for a long time.


In the sensitization program jointly coordinated by Director of Investigation and Public Petition, Kwara North (Mr. Abdulkadir Yusuf Nafanwona); General Secretary (Mr. Usman Baba Mahmud); and Monitoring Officer, Patigi (Mr. Alhassan Mohammad Lamido); the trio, who are senior officials of ENetSuD, enlightened the representatives of different communities in Patigi LGA about various Capital and Constituency projects domiciled in the 2018 budget of Federal Government. Among the vital information provided to the citizens by ENetSuD officials include: the project titles, project descriptions, contractor details, appropriated amount, released amount, outstanding balance and completion status as obtained from the various Ministries, Departments and Agencies executing capital and constituency projects in Patigi LGA.


After the eye-opening sensitization program for the 16 participants that took place at Aijaz Institute, Isimi Complex, Patigi on 31st July, 2019; ENetSuD constituted  a 6-man project tracking committee formed by 2 representatives from each of the 3 districts that make up Patigi LGA. In the committee, Mr. Abdulkadir Yusuf Nafanwona and Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim represent Patigi District; Mr. Usman Baba Mahmud and Mr. Issa Shehu represent Kpada District; and Mr. Alhassan Mohammed Lamido and Mr. Ahmed Issa represent Lade District.


The committee will monitor all the capital and constituency projects in Patigi LGA, the report of which will determine next line of actions to be taken by ENetSuD. Their various community members are hereby urged to cooperate with them in their best interest, as their voluntary and selfless services will be of great benefit to the communities and ensure proper spending of taxpayers money.



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