ENetSuD - Elites Network For Sustainable Development RC: 109900



  • To promote awareness and sensitisation on good governance
  • To monitor Federal, State and Local Governments’ budgets and ensure proper and commensurate projects execution in the public interest
  • To campaign against corruption and collaborate with anti-corruption agencies towards eradicating corruption in Kwara state
  • To participate in policy formation and carryout legislative advocacies in the public interest
  • To promote government’s good policies and campaign against any perceived bad policies
  • To advocate for open leadership, transparency and accountability
  • To protect citizens’ right and uphold true democracy
  • To contribute our quota in making Kwara a leading state in terms of socio-economic standard
  • To help shape the future of young generations by raising awareness, enhancing outspokenness and reducing ignorance.
  • To selflessly & fairly voice out against the vices which are bent on keeping us or drawing us back to the stone age era.
  • To apply diplomacy, dialogue or pressure when & where necessary to influence good governance across the State.
  • To promote Kwara State Image by disseminating information about the State, its events & its Indigenes at home or diaspora.
  • To promote peace & security in Kwara and its neighbouring states.
  • To strive in engineering the infrastructural and intellectual developments for Kwara State so as to meet up or even overtake its counterparts which were created during the same era.
  • To engage in other humanitarian services as deemed necessary for the benefit of Kwarans home and abroad

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About US

We are a reputable non-profit, non-religious, non-partisan, non-political and non-sectarian Civil Society Organisation (CSO) that will constructively engage the government (Kwara State) on good governance.




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