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According to Kwara State Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development, most Kwara pupils are enrolled in various public schools across the state (52% in pre-primary and primary schools, 84% in junior secondary schools, and 87% in senior secondary schools) as at 2017/2018. ENetSuD, in its capacity, conducted a survey on human resources and infrastructural status of some selected public schools across the state and found that, in addition to gross insufficient and skewed personnel distribution, virtually all the public schools are dilapidated and not fit for teaching and learning (watch Kwara Public Schools and other supporting videos Schools).

Further findings by ENetSuD led to the revelation that the KWSG had not accessed UBEC grant since 2013 that has accumulated to ₦6,245,355,130 as at July 2018, an FG grant that is meant to address the infrastructural need of basic education across Nigerian states. These findings made ENetSuD launch #FundKwaraEducation advocacy project to lobby KWSG to #AccessUBECGrant. The advocacy, which explored various methods, successfully got KWSG’s attention, but the previous administration of Abdulfatah Ahmed failed to access the grant (read: Education Funding; also read School mini-report; then read: Technical college and Islamiya college)

We continued our advocacy with the current administration of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, who is now showing the political will to renovate the schools (read: government schools renovation advert). In addition to this, the present administration had also appropriated fund to access part of the grant in the 2020 budget ENetSuD statement also read: ). Though the grant has not been accessed at the moment, renovation of some public schools has commenced in Kwara State by the present administration.

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